Monday, September 30, 2013


Seems as though  Amber was at the top of her game on Friday, building great connections and offering colleagues terrific examples to support the work.  Travis saw in her work a real designer in action.  Congrats to latest Frank winner!

East Meets West

Travis found a fascinating website comparing eastern and western mental models.  Do take a look at it. This will help you understand the power of mental models to shape behaviors.
                                                                East Meets West

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The First Rhino Point Winner Since August Meeting: Meghan Clayton and Team Dazzle

Comment by Meghan
I have had the opportunity in my Art History course to use the ladder of inference.  While studying prehistoric art, we discussed the quality of the work we were viewing.  Initially to students it seemed basic, even elementary in its technique and quality.  We discussed why they felt this was their opinion.  Upon further investigation, students came to understand that prehistoric artists did not have the same resources available to us today and they did not take art classes as the students of GCAA do.   As the finale in altering their mental model, I asked students to carve a prehistoric animal out of a bar of soap.  They were given very “primitive” tools to complete this task.  About 1/3 of the class bombed their soap carvings.  They broke in half or were whittled down to a small chunk of soap.  After this artistic endeavor we discussed their new perspective of Prehistoric artists.  It either drastically changed or they appreciated their ability to sculpt and paint, no longer viewing themselves as high and mighty artists. 

Team Dazzle!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Keith's Reflection on a Teacher Who Made a Difference

The teacher's name was Archie Savage, who was the first partner to Katherine Dunham.  He made an impact on my life in a major way. The one experience that stands out most clearly was his holistic way of imparting not only knowledge about a critical time of American History (Jim Crow Era), but integrating the historical aspect into a theatre acting experience that brought forth an incredible human experience.

He framed my deliverance of a song, "Another Man Done Gone," by requesting that I  research the Jim Crow Era, and do a report on it.  He scaffolded this research by making it applicable to my life.  He pushed me to associate loss   by exploring the absence of a person in my life. This personalization made this teaching/learning moment an incredible experience as an actor, singer, human being, and someone who understands the impact of history.

The Newest Frank Winner

Our congratulations to Travis who figured out how to post pictures in the dropbox.

Back from Guatemala

Hello, my friends.  I am back from the trip to Guatemala where I was investigating the use of technology to support early literacy in its 33,000 schools.  I have been enjoying all of your photos and comments. I'll be working to get them all up on the blog.

I am looking forward to our work in a few short weeks.  Remember, if you want time with me for a conference or a classroom visit on Thursday before our Friday workshop,  just ask one of the principals.

Our focus on Friday will be on getting a good sketch of stage one of your unit, learning the power of advocacy and inquiry in meetings, and building your toolbox with comprehension strategies to support the Common Core.

Have a wonderful September.  See you soon.