Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Wonderful Celebration of GCAA

Inspired by “I am from” by George Ella Lyon.  Created by the students of GCAA.  Arranged by Cindy Kalachek.

                                               I Am From GCAA

I am from the building that stands on Grand Avenue; a structure that was rehabbed, reconditioned and reinvigorated to support all the ideas that thrive inside.  I study in the district surrounded by theater, classical music and jazz, in the shadows of universities and libraries.  The Sun Theater now casts its radiance upon me. I am in awe of its dazzling dimension yet I feel at home in the warmth of the stage lights.

I am from middle school and high school.  I am from book bags, back packs, beakers and ballet barres. I am from document based questions,  thesis driven essays, six-eight time, and three dimensional perspectives.  I am from algebra and arabesques, from grand pianos and marble launchers. I am from Katherine Dunham, Leonardo DaVinci, and Harper Lee. I am from lab-write-ups and saxophones.   I am from  Shakespearean plays and  Newton’s laws.  I am from cylinders and sculptures and similes and scripts and soliloquies and set design and sonatas and subject- verb agreements. I am from designing, observing, tinkering, questioning, reflecting, editing and performing.  

I am from teachers who are artists and artists who are teachers. I am from “5, 6, 7, 8!  Write! Write!  Write!  Create your own ideas.  Point your feet.  Buenos Dias!  Take out your work.  Cell phones away.  Here’s today’s Power Up.  Open your journals.  What you do in this class, you will do on the stage.  Form follows function.  Creative Genius.”  

We will be from colleges and conservatories, apprenticeships and internships, galleries and universities, experiences locally and globally, and we stand under the stage lights, behind the canvas, in front of laptop screens, amid the designs, and next to inspiration.  We are from Grand Center Arts Academy.  

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