Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Instructional Goals for Next Year

At our final professional development session, you reviewed the data generated from your survey of instructional practices and identified the following three areas that you would like to study further.  

1.  Accommodating individual differences in learning

2.  Using assessment to support learning
  •           student self assessment
  •           effective feedback
  •           authentic assessment
3.  Expanding skillful use of literacy strategies

Your major focus next year in professional development will be drafting and critiquing two new units as well as reviewing  the work generated this summer by each department. But you can easily begin to explore these areas in study groups and department and building meetings.  These three areas can grow into major areas of study over time as your curriculum begins to come together. Studying instruction as you are designing curriculum allows you to build into your designs the best practices in supporting students' learning.

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